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Lena’s grandma attempts to set her up with a Greek kid named Kostos

Carmen purchases some pants at a second hand store. Mysteriously, the jeans fit Carmen and her three closest companions, Lena, Tibby, and Bridget, similarly, despite the fact that the young ladies have totally different bodies. The young ladies, who “met” before birth when their moms were in a pre-birth vigorous exercise class together, are spending this late spring separated—their first huge partition. Carmen will go to South Carolina to go through the late spring with her dad. Lena will go to Greece with her sister, Effie, to go through the mid year with their grandparents. Bridget will spend the late spring at soccer camp in Baja California, Mexico. Just Tibby will remain at home in Bethesda, Maryland, to work at Wallman’s, a superstore. Before every young lady embarks to her late spring objective, they have a kinship function at Gilda’s rec center, where their moms met endless years back. To remain nearby while they’re separated, they promise to send the jeans—which they call the Voyaging Jeans—to each other all through the late spring.

Tibby quickly loathes Wallman’s and chooses to make a “suckumentary” about her late spring, since she realizes she’ll keep on detesting everything and everybody. In the interim, Carmen is crushed in South Carolina when her dad shocks her with huge news: he’s locked in, and his life partner, Lydia, has two young stepchildren, Paul and Krista. Carmen, who is half Puerto Rican, feels strange in this new family. In Greece, Lena’s grandma attempts to set her up with a Greek kid named Kostos, however Lena needs nothing to do with him. She doesn’t confide in any young men and expects to be that if Kostos likes her, it’ll be simply because she’s delightful. Bridget builds up a pulverize on Eric, a mentor at soccer camp.

One day at work, Tibby sees a little youngster falls in the store and rides with her in the rescue vehicle. In the days that follow, she meets the young lady, whose name is Bailey, a couple of more occasions. Bailey is twelve and has leukemia. She’s interested with Tibby’s film, and Tibby hesitantly allows her to begin making a difference. In South Carolina, Carmen doesn’t get comfortable well. She despises the new family, and she’s impolite to everybody, in any event, when she discovers that Lydia’s ex was a drunkard. She’s tired of hearing everybody talk about her dad’s forthcoming wedding. In the interim, Bridget begins playing persistently with Eric, attempting to get him to see her despite the fact that he’s more established than she is and a mentor. She persuades a couple of her new companions to sneak to a close by bar with her one night, where she hits the dance floor with Eric. At the point when she plays soccer, she plays too forcefully, infuriating her mentor.

In Greece, Lena goes through her days painting, strolling, and attempting to draw nearer to her grandparents. At some point, she goes thin plunging in a wonderful, disconnected lake—and Kostos sees her. She expects he was keeping an eye on her and tempests home furiously, her garments awry. She doesn’t right her grandparents when they accept that Kostos assaulted her, and her granddad punches Kostos’ granddad. All things considered, Lena can’t force herself to come clean about what occurred. She’s astounded to find that she’s vexed when Kostos begins overlooking her.

Tibby and Bailey meet a computer game player named Brian McBrian, and Tibby discovers him more fascinating than she expected to. Next, they talk with Margaret, a lady who has worked for quite a long time at the cinema. Hoping to taunt her, Tibby rather feels terrible for Margaret, since she’s clearly desolate. Her narrative is ending up being not the same as she anticipated.

Carmen goes with Lydia and Krista to take a stab at a bridesmaid’s dress, which doesn’t accommodate her by any stretch of the imagination. She stomps out of the shop, offending Lydia on out. Afterward, her dad and every other person act like nothing occurred, and Carmen runs out of the house. She anticipates that her dad should follow her or come out searching for her, however he doesn’t. In the end, Carmen returns home and sees her dad and his new family smoothly having supper around the table. Incensed and envious, Carmen tosses a stone through the window, breaking it, and she at that point escapes. She returns a transport to Bethesda.

Bridget sneaks to Eric’s lodge and awakens him. He doesn’t promptly pull away from Bridget when she contacts his head and chest, yet in the long run he advises her to leave. Bridget accepts his words as support. Bridget is resolved to get something going, so she visits him again at his lodge a couple of evenings later. This time, he yields to her, and they have a private experience. Afterward, Bridget is vexed, and she can’t get up. She’s sluggish for a long time. Upon the arrival of the large soccer coordinate, Bridget detonates at the mentor and leaves in the game. Eric attempts to comfort her about what occurred between them, however Bridget is excessively disturbed.

Carmen feels monstrously remorseful about what she did, however she doesn’t have a clue how to make it right. She sends her dad an envelope loaded with cash to help fix the wrecked window. At the point when she at last accumulates the mental fortitude to call her dad, she allows her to outrage come through. She reveals to him how harmed she is that he left her and her mom and has another family. She chooses to amaze her dad, so she travels to South Carolina and goes to the congregation upon the arrival of his wedding. They guarantee to be more fair with one another starting now and into the foreseeable future.

Lena is occupied and unfit to paint, and she’s vexed on the grounds that Kostos has been disregarding her. She strolls back to the lake, and this time she sees Kostos swimming exposed. She understands he wasn’t keeping an eye on her that day, and that this is his mystery spot to swim. At home, she portrays Kostos. Her grandma discloses to her that, a long time back, Kostos’ folks and sibling were killed in an auto collision.

At some point, Bailey doesn’t appear at Wallman’s to meet Tibby after her work day, which she’s done dependably throughout the mid year. Tibby is frightened and discovers Bailey is in the medical clinic. At the point when she arrives, Bailey’s mom discloses to Tibby that Bailey has gotten a contamination and may not recuperate. Mimi, Tibby’s guinea pig, kicks the bucket. Tibby can’t confront reality and places Mimi’s dead body in the cooler. She starts overlooking calls from Bailey and Bailey’s mom. Carmen hears one of these calls and persuades Tibby to visit the medical clinic. Tibby at long last does and sees that Bailey isn’t progressing nicely. A couple of days after the fact, Bailey passes on. The night after the memorial service, Tibby covers Mimi close to Bailey’s grave.

Effie sees Lena’s image of Kostos and understands that Lena is infatuated with him. She persuades Lena to reveal to Kostos how she feels, since their time in Greece is practically finished. At the point when Lena discovers Kostos, she gives him a canvas she did of the olive forest close to the lake, and she reveals to him how she feels. They kiss. The following day, on the plane home from Greece, Lena chooses to go to Mexico and help Bridget, who she knows can struggle recuperating from her bitterness. She gets to Mexico so as to assist Bridget with returning home.

At the point when all the young ladies are back in Bethesda, they accumulate for a birthday festivity at Gilda’s. They record their encounters on the Jeans and start reacquainting themselves with each other

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