This has been an important year for Bryson Tiller, with the 27-year-old recording artist finally earning his high school diploma, telling his supporters that he plans to graduate from college next. Of course, in the midst of his academic pursuit of greatness, the T R A P S O U L singer has been working on new music, sporadically releasing through hard-to-find means, often just uploading random singles to his website and avoiding streaming services.


While he’s been quietly offloading his art, it looks like Bryson Tiller is getting ready to return to the spotlight, announcing his brand new single, which is releasing next week.

“New song Monday,” wrote Tiller on Twitter last night. Instantly, people were excited and couldn’t contain it. The post has over 136,000 likes and 28,000 retweets.

The track, titled “Always Forever,” is accompanied by a vintage-like photo of Tiller in an all-white look. The cover is fairly simple, embracing the modesty of his music and sound.

With this news, people are looking past this weekend and wishing it were already Monday. His fans are psyched about the drop for good reason. They’ve all been waiting for a while. Tiller released his last album in 2017 and his new work, tentatively titled Serenity, could be right around the corner.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

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